Why You Need Great Images on Your Website.

Websites are essentially visual so good images are very important.

When people look at websites their eye tends to scan over the page and focus on what grabs their attention. They will pay close attention to good images that convey a lot of information about your business and/or the products you sell, but they will ignore images that have been put in just to fill up a space

Studies conducted by the Neilsen Norman Group have found that some types of website images will be completely ignored, while others are treated as important content and will be scrutinised carefully by viewers.

Which images will be ignored?
• Photos that have no relevance to the site – eg a photo of people having a picnic when you’re a property management company, a beautiful NZ scene when you’re selling clothing.
• On ecommerce sites photos that give little product information – eg if you’re selling TVs and you have the same photo for every TV for sale viewers will lose interest quickly
• You should also avoid photos that take a long time to load – website viewers are very impatient – if a site takes too long to load they tend to click off and go to the next site
• Photos that encourage people to click on them for an enlarged version when the ‘enlarged’ version is not much bigger – it should be at least twice as big and provide additional details not seen in the smaller image

Images people will look at.
• Attractive, accurate photos that are relevant to the information they accompany.
• Photos that provide details of a product on an ecommerce site.
• Detailed photos on an ecommerce site that allow consumers to make comparisons between similar products
• Photos of people who actually work for the company, rather than stock photos of people who look too attractive or photo-shopped to be real
• Photos that show off your work – if you’re a tradesperson taking photos of completed jobs is a good idea, particularly if it demonstrates you wide range of work

You don’t have to be an award-winning photographer to take good images for your website, but it is worth taking a bit of time to think about the photos you are taking to ensure they display your company and/or products in an appealing manner.

Fatweb can also arrange a professional photographer to take attractive images to use on your site. Just call us on 0800-003-970