Great Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Strategies

Do you find your email marketing strategy stale?
You know what I mean. You send the same weekly or monthly update to the same people. You don’t put much thought into subject lines. You barely even check your open and click rates, let alone spend time trying to improve them. Even if you have your mail set up by the best web design company like Fatweb if you don’t correct the common mistakes that people make in sending out those emails to potential clients, then you lose the game.

You aren’t alone, but it doesn’t mean that you should continue making the same mistakes. With a good set up for an email from Fatweb plus New Zealand best email marketing techniques, you should be on your way to bigger profits.

It’s not unusual for marketers to get in an email marketing rut given everything on their plates. So let us look at some ways to jumpstart your email efforts with some help from the expertise of Fatweb and enjoy New Zealand best email marketing.

These are things you can do today.

Create an inbox swipe file.
This is the first and most important thing you can do to improve your own email marketing. First, set up a label (in Gmail) or folder in your inbox and title it “Swipe File.” Anytime you see a great subject line, a good offer, a beautiful design or great copy, just add the message to your swipe file. Pretty soon, you’ll have a repository of inspiration that you can tap into when you are working on your own campaigns.

To make this even more powerful, set up individual labels or folders depending on why the email caught your attention. Add a few emails each day and, soon, you’ll have hundreds of ideas for writing better emails.

One other easy way to use your own inbox to inspire you is to track your competitors. You can do this by setting up filters to automatically organise the messages you can later use for analysis.

You can ask Fatweb to redesign your email template to or create your email campaign and achieve New Zealand best email marketing.

Find every customer touch point.
Your customers and leads could be receiving emails, about you and from you that you didn’t send. How is that possible?

Many businesses use third parties to send transactional email. It makes sending webinar confirmations and monthly invoices super easy, but it can also be a missed marketing opportunity or, worse, a negative representation of your brand.

Secure your emails and be sure that you are the one who manages them. If you let others manage your email marketing for you, then choose a trusted team so you will be sure that they continue your path to achieving New Zealand best email marketing.

Send an A/B test.
You don’t have to be too tech-savvy to send really smart A/B tests. If data-driven marketing intimidates you, start small. This is also where you can approach professionals to work on your email marketing like Fatweb – assuring New Zealand best email marketing.

A simple subject line split test will give you really valuable data for your next email, assuming you are testing the right things. In order to learn something, you have to be willing to go out on a limb. You have to step outside your comfort zone.

One simple A/B test you can try is plain text emails vs. HTML emails. Keep the subject line the same, so you can measure the clicks without skewing data from the open rate. Depending on the type of email promotional, transactional or behavioural, you will have varying degrees of success with plain text or HTML. Every audience is different and it’s worth testing to learn more about them.

Learn to write better copy.
Your marketing is a performance so why aren’t you training to improve?

All marketing centres around effective communication. Whether you are crafting your next email campaign, writing content for your blog or drafting 140-character masterpieces, communication, and specifically writing, is at the core of it all.

You can:
• Use sub-headers and bullet points to break up content.
• Don’t force it. Take breaks, drink coffee and listen to relaxing music.
• Use different tools for writing. Google Docs and Pages are popular tools.
• Write every day, even if it’s a stream of consciousness or just crazy ideas.

However, you choose to do it, spend time perfecting your craft and aim for New Zealand best email marketing.

Segment your lists.
The people on your email list haven’t all ended up there in the same way. Some subscribed to a newsletter while others are past customers. And they don’t all have the same needs, even if they have shown interest in your product or service at some point. It’s time to stop treating them all the same way. Segmenting your email lists can start with basic groups and eventually evolve to dynamic lists that change based on user behaviour.

Here are a few ways to get started segmenting your list so you can send better, more targeted emails:
• Tag your best customers and keep them separate. These people buy often and aren’t afraid to spend money.
• Separate anyone who has never spent a dime on your product. These folks are leads, not customers, and should be treated accordingly. They need informative emails with strong calls to action and a value proposition that will keep their attention.
• Identify “cold” users, and warm them up. Look for people who haven’t opened an email in the last six months and put them on a separate list. Whatever you are doing right now, clearly it isn’t working, so you better try something new.

Upgrade your toolbox.

 This is a potentially endless category, so we intentionally kept this list short. Here are some of the best and most useful email marketing tools out there.
 Google URL Builder: This is the easiest way to keep track of clicks from email campaigns in Google Analytics. This tool makes it easy to set parameters, which can easily be tracked.
 Dropbox: For those rare occasions when you need to send an attachment, an e-book download, a receipt, etc., use Dropbox to send a link rather than a file. Your recipients’ inboxes will appreciate it.
 Litmus: This is an awesome way to see how your email will look in 30 different email clients. It’s a cool way to ensure your emails are mobile-ready. Litmus also offers advanced tracking and spam-filter testing.
 Zapier: Think IFTTT on steroids. Zapier allows you to connect web apps to each other via a simple interface.
 Gmail Labels: It’s simple, yes, but Gmail Labels are the perfect way to create an email swipe file. When you see an email you like and want to borrow ideas from, simply drag it into your swipe file. Soon, you will have a treasure trove of ideas for subject lines, email copy and growth hacks.