Get the most out of your landing page and improve your conversion rate – ie get people to buy the products/services you are selling

Here’s just a few ways you can generate more interest in your Landing Page and convert that interest into sales.

Have a clear call to action

Make it easy for customers to sign up, and make sure they know there is no obligation to buy from you. Avoid the high pressure sales pitch, it’s very easy for potential clients to just click off your Landing Page.

Offer a free demo of your products or services

Give away a free, personalised demonstration of what your products offer. To get the free demo customers will need to sign up, you can then show them how the products will benefit them and you’ll have their details for future marketing.

Provide more information about your products or services

Put a teaser on the Landing Page about information on the benefits of your products or services and entice them to sign up.

Offer exclusive membership discounts

Create a membership package for your best customers and use a landing page to sign them up. Give these members exclusive deals, additional information, advanced information on new products and the chance to get them first.

Have a newsletter sign up

Keep in touch with your new leads by offering them a regular, free newsletter with updates, exclusive offers, discounts, etc.

Make it easy to request a free quote

And include any special offers and prices as an added enticement.

Earn rewards for referring friends

Set up a referral program to get customers to spread the word, and give discounts to people who bring in new customers. Reward them with increasing discounts for additional referrals.

Offer coupons

Provide coupons through your Landing Page or Facebook Page to attract new and returning customers.

If you have any questions on how to best market your business and maximise the use of your Landing Page talk to your sales representative at FatWeb.