Adwords are a fantastic way to get your website on the coveted number one spot on Google – and to promote your products and services.

What are Adwords?

Adwords appear on the top of the page with a yellow box beside them: eg see below

Google Ad Words FatWeb

They appear when selected words are typed in – the above example appeared when Christchurch painters was typed into Google.

Why do you need an Adwords campaign?

Managed correctly an adwords campaign can quickly generate fantastic results within a short time-frame. It will get your website on page one, and reach the customers and clients in your targeted geographical area.
With an Adwords campaign you also get measurable results, so you can tell that the campaign is working for you.

What do I need for a successful Adwords campaign?

The experienced Adword analysts at FatWeb will discuss with you everything necessary to achieve a successful Adwords campaign – including your target audience, the geographical area you want to reach, the best keywords to use, and your budget.
They will then design your Adwords campaign and ensure you fully understand everything it entails.

How much does it cost?

With an Adwords campaign you can decide how much you want to spend. The amount you budget will determine things like how many keywords your Adword appears on, how many clicks you want to allocate ie, each time a viewer clicks on your Adword you will be charged. You can set an upper limit so you don’t go outside your budget.

How do I know if my Adwords Campaign is working?

When you sign up for an Adwords Campaign you also sign up for a status report, which will give you feedback on how your Adwords are performing, and which keywords are working best for you. All this feedback tells you how your campaign is rating, and allows for the continual improvement of your Adword Campaign.


For more information on Adwords contact the Adword Analysts at FatWeb on 0800-444-090