Anyone can make a website – Right? Wrong.

Many people think that virtually anyone can make a website – your cousin who’s great with computers, that nerdy guy you met at a party. So why do you need to use a professional website design company?

One of the most important reasons is that the look of your website reflects your company – in today’s world your website is one of your most important marketing tools.

Fatweb Website Design – Why You Should Use the Experts

Stanford University’s Web Credibility Research Project found that for virtually everyone (94%) the visual design of a website was the most important aspect in determining whether they thought a company was professional and trustworthy, and more importantly, whether they would want to contact that company.

In other words a website that does not look professional could be doing your company harm and driving away potential customers.

Not only do you need a website that looks modern and professional, but it needs to have easy functionality – that is, people should be able to find their way round the site without difficulty, it should be very easy to contact you and on an eCommerce site, easy to buy your products.

Fatweb Website Design – Why You Should Use the Experts

Plus it should be professionally written. Content is King on websites. It’s the content that will get you a high ranking on Google. Plus, viewers don’t want to spend time reading irrelevant information, they need to be able to scan the page and immediately find answers to their questions.

The team at Fatweb includes web designers, web developers and journalists – all working together to create a website that looks great, functions perfectly and ranks well, plus you get a full support service – all things your cousin or the nerdy guy at the party can’t provide.

For these reasons, and many more, it makes sense to have your website professionally designed by the team at Fatweb

Fatweb Website Design – Why You Should Use the Experts