Fatweb - Website Design Pukekohe

Fatweb – Website Design Pukekohe

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Things That Turn Off Your Website’s Audience While it is true that you can hire a company for website design Pukekohe services – where FatWeb is the leader – there is still a need for you to know about the structure of your website. Why It is important that you understand your potential customers. Basically, you build your website around …

Auckland Website Design Company – FatWeb

Auckland Website Design Company – FatWeb

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FatWeb has created more than 700 websites for businesses all over Auckland. Our clients cover the entire range of small to medium businesses in Auckland from heavy industry to delicate jewellery makers, from toys for toddlers to rest homes, and everything in between. Our expertise means we know how to make great looking websites that rank well for our clients …

social media FatWeb

Social Media – What It Is and Why You Should Use it.

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Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – there’s a whole world of social media out there. While it can sometimes seem too much and a distraction to what your business is really about, social media is a great way to attract customers, advertise your services and products, and drive potential customers to your website. FatWeb can help you with your …

Fatweb - Best Shopping Websites

Best Shopping Websites

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Top Reasons Why You Should Start Your Online Shop Today As people are researching for great ways to earn money and as they research on what business they can start to add to their savings, the first thing that actually comes to their mind is online shopping business. Why? Because almost is doing it. Almost everyone is purchasing something online. …

FatWeb SEO Search Engine Optimisation


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Search Engine Optimisation, usually shortened to the initials SEO, is the strategies and techniques that web design companies like FatWeb use to get your website ranking well on search engines. Major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, want to make sure that the best websites are ranked well. They want people who use Google, Bing or Yahoo to …

payment decline lead to abandonment


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PayPal has found that between 5% and 10% of ecommerce store payments are declined. There are several reasons why this could happen: The customer doesn’t have enough funds on their card. The customer may have tripped a bank’s fraud warning because they’re making more purchases than normal, or making an unusual overseas transaction There could be a temporary issue with …

FatWeb - New Zealand Best Search Engine Optimisation

FatWeb – Best Search Engine Optimisation

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Importance of Garnering Your Rank On Top Setting up a website for your business won’t guarantee you an overflowing profit. For you secure a place on top of the search engines, you will have to do a lot of SEO work which you might not have an idea on how to do. The most important reason why you want to …

Maximize landing page

Landing Page – Maximize its Effectiveness

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Get the most out of your landing page and improve your conversion rate – ie get people to buy the products/services you are selling Here’s just a few ways you can generate more interest in your Landing Page and convert that interest into sales. Make it easy for customers to sign up, and make sure they know there is no …

New Zealand best Search Engine Optimisation Company - Fatweb

New Zealand best Search Engine Optimisation Company

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It’s not easy to select New Zealand best search engine optimisation company – it’s a claim anyone can make. The world of search engine optimisation can be fairly confusing. Every online business can benefit from improving their rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, and the benefits of ranking at the top are too good to pass up. But …

Fatweb - New Zealand Best Email Marketing

New Zealand Best Email Marketing

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Great Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Strategies Do you find your email marketing strategy stale? You know what I mean. You send the same weekly or monthly update to the same people. You don’t put much thought into subject lines. You barely even check your open and click rates, let alone spend time trying to improve them. Even …