Google Adwords – Enhancing Your Presence on Google

August 7, 2017

Google Adwords are about telling people what you have to offer, and has been developed to assist you in marketing your services or products, by having the use of a placed text ad which appears when people are searching for related phases. Talk to a website expert now: 0800 444 090

What Does a FatWeb SEO Expert Do To Get Your Website Ranking Well?

June 17, 2017

For your website to rank well it needs ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO). At FatWeb our SEO experts have a variety of technical ‘ticks up their sleeves’ to ensure your site is doing as well as it possible can. Some of the ‘tricks’ include: Regular reports are sent to the client detailing how the website […]

Domain Name Registration Service

April 10, 2017

Not sure what we’re going on about and why you should care? Here are some questions you might have and what we hope will be some helpful answers. FatWeb recently introduced a domain name registration service. You now have the option of having your domain name registered through FatWeb. FatWeb has made beautiful websites over […]

A Blog on Blogs – Why You Should be Blogging on your Website

November 1, 2016

Blog – which originally comes from web log – started so people could post their commentaries, graphics, videos etc on the internet without having a website. Even if you have a website it’s still a good idea to have a blog. Why, you may ask? Because: Anything that helps get you on that coveted top spot on page one has …


October 3, 2016

Your websiteu2019s domain name is an important aspect in establishing your online presence.nnIt helps to have a domain name that people will remember, can spell, represents your business, and is catchy.nnWhen picking a domain name, keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb. The fewer characters your domain has the less likely people are […]

Christchurch Website Design Company – FatWeb

September 19, 2016

As a leading Christchurch Website Design Company, we have made countless websites for small to medium businesses throughout Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area. For businesses today it is vital to have, not just a website, but a website that ranks well and looks appealing. That’s what Christchurch Website Design Company – FatWeb promises all […]

Fatweb – Website Design Pukekohe

September 16, 2016

Things That Turn Off Your Website’s Audience While it is true that you can hire a company for website design Pukekohe services – where FatWeb is the leader – there is still a need for you to know about the structure of your website. Why It is important that you understand your potential customers. Basically, […]

Auckland Website Design Company – FatWeb

September 12, 2016

FatWeb has created more than 700 websites for businesses all over Auckland. Our clients cover the entire range of small to medium businesses in Auckland from heavy industry to delicate jewellery makers, from toys for toddlers to rest homes, and everything in between. Our expertise means we know how to make great looking websites that […]

Social Media – What It Is and Why You Should Use it.

September 6, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – there’s a whole world of social media out there. While it can sometimes seem too much and a distraction to what your business is really about, social media is a great way to attract customers, advertise your services and products, and drive potential customers to your website. FatWeb can help you with your

Best Shopping Websites

September 2, 2016

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Your Online Shop Today As people are researching for great ways to earn money and as they research on what business they can start to add to their savings, the first thing that actually comes to their mind is online shopping business. Why? Because almost is doing it. Almost […]

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