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I was having a coffee with a friend of mine the other day and the conversation turned to her favourite topic. Shopping! Now I am not big on malls, my daughters will testify that my idea of shopping is a flat white and wifi. So I asked her what has changed in the way she shops. Her immediate answer was more Wine! Turns out her and her friends plan a shopping trip every week on line. They don’t have to dress up, put on the makeup and do the hair. Don’t forget the glass or three of wine.
This anecdotal evidence is backed up by studies and research here and overseas. Statistics New Zealand say that our internet usage has evolved to a point where more then half of us are shopping on line. Add to this the data that mobile phone usage for on line purchasing has increased by 11 per cent since 2009. More recent information from AC Nielsen tells us that we are opting for the convenience of on line shopping in increasing numbers. Here are some staggering numbers:
1.9 Million Kiwis are shopping on line; this is 56 percent of the total population. This is an increase on the previous year of 6 per cent or 100,000 people.
Almost 500,000 New Zealanders made 11 or more on line buying decisions in the last year. This is up 58 percent over the last two years
2013 Spend on Line was $3.8 billion. With  2014 Expected Spend on Line  up to $4.15 billion
More than 70% of Kiwis aged 25-34 years and 68% in the 35-44 age group are opting for on line shopping.
So what are they buying?

Product / Service Percent of Shoppers
Airline Tickets 44
Books / Magazines 35
Entertainment Tickets 26
Travel e.g. Accommodation and Car Hire 25

Traditionally these categories have been strong there is increased growth in clothing /shoes and accessories. Smaller categories such as baby supplies, consumer electronics and groceries are potentially large growth areas.
What does that mean to you?
We know people shop on line as it is convenient, they can compare products and prices. They shop 24 / 7. There is more and more of us doing this every day.
You need an effective on line presence and strategy that will allow you to

  1. Target your ideal customers.
  2. Provide them with a superior experience.
  3. Allow you to update your products and prices quickly
  4. Deliver you message to your database.

As a business owner / stakeholder you want to be able to deliver all of the above. Some of the benefits to you may be

  1. Sales during non-traditional hours. Why do shopping channels broadcast and invest in the cost of servicing those customers at 3 am? Because people buy.
  2. Sales outside of the catchment of your store. Sure I will not drive across town to your store, on line this is not even a consideration.
  3. The option to build on your database and use this to generate sales through e-mail marketing campaigns. Imagine being able to send a message to the 1,000’s of people who visit your site.

Fat Web can deliver all of the above and more in a cost effective and time wise manner. We can work with you to make sure you can achieve your goals.
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FatWeb – Best Web Design New Zealand – Online Shopping

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