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More Ecommerce Stores Can Learn From Supermarkets


There is a reason why Supermarkets, and other big retailers have invested in analysing pricing. Correct pricing for your market drives conversion rates and sales. A major strategy is to use “contextual pricing”. This is done by offering a range of products so that the customer will see “Value” and click the buy now. It may not be your highest margin product or even your best seller. By offering a choice the buyer sees value and buys. This why there is an Aisle for Soaps and other personal cleaning products. Each product does the same thing but by offering a variety of prices each customer can choose the product that they see the best value in.
The price itself is also important. In these days of no 5 cent pieces why do a lot of prices end in 95 cents or even 99 cents! These “Charm Prices” are shown to increase sales by up to 24% compared to round numbers.

The converse is that by offering just one product at one price point, the customer is more likely to head elsewhere and check out a competitor’s offer. Given that on-line this is just a few mouse clicks away we must stop them at all costs!

Learning Number 5:

If your eshop has a single product or product category you will have a challenge in convincing customers you are offering the best deal. Without the context of different products or even quantity options your visitors will be just that, a visitor, and not a customer. If they cannot see a good deal or perceive the value some will not buy. So make sure you have some comparisons to help them see value. 

Learning Number 6:

Charm your customers with non-rounded numbers. It makes sense on line as the prices will not be rounded at checkout. Do I end the price in a 7 or a 9? The studies are out on this one. Just don’t end in a 0. We all know 19.99 or 21.97 looks better than 20.00 or 22.00


So, now we are at the checkout, a real nightmare for those of us with small kids. All those colourful candy bars and treats at just the right level. Again this not by chance, they know that you will be tempted while waiting. Just an extra dollar or two won’t kill the budget.

Learning Number 7:

At checkout, either on shopping cart page or somewhere in the checkout process, have some up-sell items. This is a chance to make that extra profit. Try to match the product to the purchase. How about a scarf for $5 with a bag, or batteries with an electronic item or an extra charger at a discount? Do you want to upsize that? Sounds familiar – it is everywhere. I was in Cotton on Kids and they always have a “Carry Bag” or drink bottle or something else that is colourful and attractive to kids, and in the scheme of a purchase are very low cost. 


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FatWeb – Best Web Design New Zealand – More learning from supermarkets


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