FatWeb – Best Web Design Company New Zealand – Organic SEO: Is it worth the investment?

This is a question I have been asked often. Do you need to be at the top end of search engine results? This depends on the purpose of the web site. A sports club that is using a site purely to deliver their message to members may not need it. A business selling sports shoes would want to be at the top of their customer’s mind.


Here are a few reasons why you would consider this investment:

  1. It still works: As Google and other engines change their criteria so do the SEO gurus. The techniques remain sound and proven to work. There are plenty of studies performed post Hummingbird that are testimony to this.
  2. It will not stop working any time soon: Looking at the way search engines are developing SEO will remain an effective tool into the future. Even audio and video searches depend on keywords.
  3. Search Engines and Market Share: It is estimated that between 80-90% of customers check online prior to purchasing. This is increasing so in the near future we can expect this to grow closer to 100%. If you are not there now you will need to be as those looking for your products or services will be finding your competitors
  4. Cost Effective: When compared to other forms of online marketing, such as PPC or social media, SEO delivers good ROI. Sure social media and PPC are important, but organic SEO will be the foundation your online business is built on.
  5. The Rise of the Smart Phone: The amount of traffic delivered to smart phones and other devices will only grow and will exceed traditional desk and lap top devices. New SEO techniques are being developed to optimize local search optimisation. You will need to be seen on Mobile devices.
  6. Healthy Content Delivers a Healthy SEO: Every time search algorithms are changed the search engines are changing the way they look at websites! Video, image and social media links are becoming more important. What was new last week has been replaced, and what is new today will be old news tomorrow. Building healthy content takes time, patience and a continual upgrading of knowledge. Can you or your team dedicate already stretched resources to do this?
  7. Your Competitors are Doing It: Jason Baylis of BestSeoCompanies.com said “SEO is a never ending process, if you are not moving forward and improving your position you are losing ground to your competitors who are”  Google yourself, do you see you or your competitors?


Making the investment in Organic SEO may be more vital now than ever before. An effective SEO strategy should be in place to succeed in the online market place. It will remain an important part of successful on line marketing campaigns for some time to come.

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FatWeb – Best Web Design Company New Zealand – Organic SEO: Is it worth the investment?