The Common Problems of Online Shoppers That You Should Solve on Your Online Shop

Most people today come online for shopping, whether you are buying or selling an item. Online shops have indeed made shopping very convenient, much more convenient than shopping on television shopping networks where you have to pay for a phone bill to place an order. With online shops you simply browse, input your details for FREE and you’re done! Plus, you get to find almost all items that you wish to buy, from food to cosmetics to clothing to appliances to vehicles and a lot more. You can lay down on your bed, slouch on your couch, you can shop anytime, anywhere at the best shopping websites New Zealand.

But even the best shopping websites New Zealand faces some difficulties. How do you deal with them so you can ensure your shoppers the best shopping experience? Let the best web design company handle the issues for you. Fatweb brings the latest and most effective solutions, powering the best shopping websites New Zealand.

If you find yourself having difficulties getting visitors to buy from you and are not selling as much as you would like to, chances are you are not addressing the online shopping pain points of your potential customers.

Online Shopping is undoubtedly on an upward trajectory. But, here’s the kicker: While 43% of sales are influenced by online, online sales account for only about 9% of retail. It’s still an impressive figure, but it also shows that there’s huge room for improvement. There are still groups of online shoppers who refuse to buy online – and your great products, competitive prices, or an easy check out has little to do with it.

So, what’s stopping them and what can you do?

It’s complicated…
While shoppers are attracted to complex-looking sites, they are increasingly frustrated by complicated site navigations, overwhelming options and irrelevant details. A high percentage of potential sales can be lost because your visitors can’t find what they are looking for. Your visitors shouldn’t have to learn how you want them to navigate your site, it should come naturally.
Fatweb – Incorporating the best search and navigation tools, creating the best shopping websites New Zealand.

The best shopping websites New Zealand have simple navigation and site structure and are informative. Try to understand what your shoppers are trying to do and reduce the number of clicks it takes them to find the products they’re looking for. Remove all the clutter that can distract your visitors and allow them to get a good feel for your company and the products you’re selling. An effortless and intuitive navigation not only reduces shopper frustration, it’s also a great confidence builder.

Boring experience
It may come to you as a surprise, but the attention span of an online shopper isn’t any shorter than that of any other shopper on the high street. The key difference: Once online shoppers are distracted, uninspired or bored, they’re gone.

Fatweb can create a rich, enjoyable adventures that will resonate with today’s impatient shoppers. The best shopping websites New Zealand they can make can even integrate approaches and technologies that make shopping more interactive and engaging, such as:
• gamification techniques
• interactive product guides
• social shopping

And, remember to always design your website with speed in mind. Not all customers have access to the same high-speed Internet. So consider this and make your websites easy to load on desktops and even on mobiles.

Missing product information
Consumers hate dealing with returns just as much as retailers or brand manufacturers do. They refuse to buy a product online if they cannot capture it mentally or cannot imagine how it will look like once unpacked.

Not offering detailed product information that addresses the shopper’s questions about a product is a crucial mistake. It reduces your trustworthiness and triggers your visitors to leave your store in a hot second.

To avoid ticking online shoppers off, help them assess your product properly and give them all the information they need to feel comfortable purchasing your product. Fatweb creates the best shopping websites New Zealand that can make use of the same structure and spec labels for similar products to help your customers compare and decide. Remember: Consistency is key.

Lack of choosing support
It’s a common perception that having a large assortment of products is key to online domination. However, choosing between a large number of products can be physically exhausting. Offering too many choices without any choosing support is a source of great consumer frustration that you have to be mindful of. Once your shoppers are stressed out, there’s every chance that they won’t choose anything at all.

It’s crucial to always consider the mind and purchase path of your customer. Many consumers, especially millennial, shop online not knowing what they want exactly, but they know they want it fast. It’s your chance to step up as a passionate and knowledgeable expert who helps them discover products they’ll love and offers them ways to easily and intuitively pick the product that’s right for THEM. Just look at some of the best shopping websites New Zealand created by Fatweb, they have chat support to assist shoppers, helping them in their decision-making and in navigating the site.

Every shopping website owner should look at things from the shopper’s point of view so they can clearly see the needs of all kinds of shoppers. There are still shoppers who are not internet savvy so keep it simple too.