SEO Articles Properly Written

Writing SEOd contents directed to your business is one of the most effective ways of getting your website ranking on top of others, and WordPress is the most common open site, creation tool that you can make use of to upload articles. But the use of SEO articles is not as simple as it may seem. It’s more than just creating a review or product description. It needs an understanding of how SEO actually works, how keywords should be incorporated in the articles, and how links, multimedia, and others should be added. As a business owner who wants to focus on your profit, these are tasks that you probably can’t handle in your busy schedule but can pass on to the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand today – FatWeb.

As already mentioned, one of the best ways to keep getting traffic to your oldest/earliest posts is to make them search engine friendly. In the long run, only search engines can help you to get traffic for old posts. But working with FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand – maintaining your ranking should not be a concern.

FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand – runs multiple blogs, and has several authors working to keep them updated with fresh, quality content. This is why having a team working on your blogs or reviews will help you keep your place on the search engines.

Every blog post is like a web page in terms of search engine ranking, and you can optimise each post with specific keywords for the search engines. But how are your SEO articles working for you?

FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand is working on your semantically comprehensive content

Content optimisation is increasingly a holistic discipline. Content must be relevant to the topic as a whole and include several related terms. It is simply not enough to rank for one relevant keyword.

Google is focusing on semantics and context. It is getting much better at understanding the semantic meaning. An example is, Google knows it very likely that the word “car“ is relevant in an article in which the word “bumper“ occurs, while this is not true for the term “refrigerator.“ This is called Co-Occurrence analysis.

Fatweb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand is creating you a long form content
Basically, sites with more words in the copy occupied higher search ranking positions and the sites further down the SERPs have fewer words in their copy. People who are in search for products or services would usually search the internet for details and reviews that will make them be more convinced about a decision since they cannot see nor touch the products or services in the first place. This is why most people prefer looking for longer articles or reviews for the hope that they will get an almost complete information and answers to their questions. Also, long articles will build your credibility as the business owner.

FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand manages your media enriched content

Photos or videos of your product or services are also very important as they show your possible customers visualisation of what you are offering. They not only make the text more attractive for users, but for Google.

FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand is creating easy to read content
Contents should also be easy to read. The language should be clear, the terms should not be complicated, the structure should be simple, and the posting itself should be understandable.

FatWeb – the best search engine optimisation company New Zealand is making social sharing of content possible
Articles in Google‘s top-ranked positions typically have a very large number of social signals such as Shares, Likes, Comments, +1s and Tweets. However, it is important to underline that correlations should not be confused with causal relationships. Thus, whilst social sharing continues to correlate strongly with better rankings, there is no evidence they cause higher rankings and Google says it does not currently use such signals. In terms of the networks where there is a most correlation, Facebook is ahead of Google, followed by Twitter and Pinterest. This may reflect the much higher absolute level of Facebook sharing than sharing on other networks. So it will be a great idea to make posts shareable in social media sites to attract more traffic.

In summary, whilst social sharing may not cause higher rankings, social signals definitely play a role in direct traffic, brand awareness, and the overall online performance of a domain.

Improving your content is a key step to improve your rankings, but there are other factors, you also need to focus on to improve your rankings including:
• On-Page SEO, though keywords are moving from single subject to broader topics
• Technical factors, such as headers, meta tags, title and descriptions, internal links, and fast loading times
• Backlinks, which still remain very important
• Inclusion in Wikipedia, which is “highly significant”