Email Marketing – The Good and Bad – A Guide For Your Campaign

Email remains one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing toolbox, with the potential to deliver a great return on investment. This is why business owners still send out their newsletters, efficiently created by the best email marketing company New Zealand today – Fatweb.

One of the most important aspects of email design is an effective call-to-action. It needs to inspire recipients into engaging further with your brand. And Fatweb – the best email marketing company New Zealand – makes an exceptional design that can make your potential clients fall in love with your offer.

So while you work with the best email marketing company New Zealand – Fatweb – here are some good and bad points that will make or break your campaigns.

This will also let you understand why it is still best to hire professionals to work on the whole of your website.

Don’t use too many buttons
Assuming that your email campaign has a specific goal, it’s advisable to focus on one or maybe two calls-to-action.

This avoids confusing the recipient and keeps their mind focused on the job in hand. Numerous studies have shown that when a brand reduces the number of CTAs in its email from four down to just one, it achieves a 42% increase in clicks.

Make them stand out
A good CTA needs to stand out from the rest of the email and grab the user’s attention. Who else can do that other than a team of professionals from the best email marketing company New Zealand – Fatweb.

This can be a tricky task when marketers have to take into account existing brand colour schemes and templates, but there’s more than one way to catch a person’s eye.

For example, if you’re opting for a button rather than a text link, make sure there’s plenty of space around the CTA and don’t position it in the middle of a load of text.

Imagine a large number of buttons and the email itself so colourful that it will be difficult for the buttons not to clash.

Write short, persuasive copy
As the name suggests, the job of a CTA is to encourage the reader to perform a particular action.

To help achieve this consider using punchy, direct copy to create a sense of urgency and steer your customers into action.

‘Buy now’ is about as succinct and direct as you can get.

Similar options include:
• Shop Now
• Download Now
• Buy
• Shop
• Start your free trial
• Test it!

New Look
People often use the same layout for the newsletters, so when these reach people they often think that they have already read that email. But if you have a fresh look every month – which you can ask the best email marketing company New Zealand to create – then you can entice your audience to read your emails every month.

These tips are only meant to act as guidance and inspiration for your own email marketing efforts. They are not hard and fast rules. Besides, you can always opt for professional services from the best email marketing company New Zealand – Fatweb – and save yourself more time for your business.

All aspects of your email content should be tested to find out what works for your marketing efforts.

And even when you’ve found a winning formula, keep on testing new ideas or the results may end up diminishing over time.