8 Features That Make the Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ

Shopping, is definitely a woman’s thing. Well, it’s not just women anymore. There are many online stores with a wide range of tech gadgets which can keep any man glued to the screen for hours. Also, there are numerous web stores that cater for kids, parents and teenagers as well. In general, eCommerce websites engage web customers and they are ready to fight for each and every one of them.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ that Will Make Every Site Visitor A Loyal Customer!

Tips for Owners on How to Run the Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ

Running a good E-Commerce website
There are no universal features or design options which guarantee that your online shop will be elevated to the top echelons of popularity but there are several general principles which should not be ignored when creating an online store.

So, first of all — there should be a clear understanding of the main goals of the E-Commerce home pages.

Make Your Online Shop Sell
It sounds strange but there are many stores which are designed without a thought on making a sale. They look good but they are absolutely useless when it comes to shopping. For these sites, it is enough that they are equivalent to the online presence of the brand or physical store, but all the site does was put a big ‘Buy’ button in plain view. Some businessmen, developers and designers don’t draw their attention to such details.

Show the Advantages of Your products
A list of product categories or a grid of them can be the perfect thing to help your online store. Special deals and new arrivals are also good to coax many web surfers to buy. You probably know that there is a huge chunk of online surfers who don’t know what they want exactly; they just want to look around and browse shops. Your goal as an online seller is to tap into that market and show them what they are missing out on.

Make Your Website Visitors Trust You
People watch what they spend their money on, so it’s only natural to expect that they want to know everything there is to know about the product they’re going to buy. So, make sure that you have linked to the appropriate pages from your home page. Such foresight will save much of your support team’s time, and reduce the number of customer’s pre-sale help requests.

All these attributes should help make your business flourish and it is FATWEB that can help make your e-commerce site into the BEST E-COMMERCE SHOPPING WEBSITES NZ!

FatWeb - The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ
Now Let’s Look at 8 Features that Make FatWeb the Best E-Commerce Shopping Websites NZ – features that will be incorporated into your E-Commerce website by the Best Web Design Company in the Country.

FatWeb – The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ

FatWeb Making The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ with Easy Navigation
When attempting to sell products to visitors, the first requirement for selling a product is that the shopper has to be able to find specifically what he or she is looking for. Effective navigation is important to any website, but it’s especially critical for e-commerce sites. Lost visitors will result in lost sales, so every effort should be made to have a site with clear, logical navigation.

Our experts try to consider how the average visitor will attempt to find a particular product. What makes sense to the designer or to the company owning the site may not be the same path that the average visitor would take to find a product. Sufficient user testing is extremely helpful for identifying potential navigational issues.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ – The Design Does Not Overpower the Products
The focus of an e-commerce site should be on the products that are available for purchase. A design that is extravagant for no legitimate reason will usually do more harm than good, as it will draw attention to the design of the site and away from the products.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ Conceptualizing Easy Checkout
User experience on e-commerce sites is critical to success. If the checkout process involves too many steps or is confusing, shoppers will wind up abandoning their cart with items left unpurchased. Ideally, the checkout should involve a minimal amount of steps and should be as easy as possible for shoppers.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ Creating a Design Style that Matches the Products
Like any other type of website, e-commerce sites can have countless different design styles. Our designers consider the style of the products that will be available on the site. This is a little bit more relevant for smaller stores with a specific type of product and for websites of a particular brand or company that has established a certain identity.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ that Can Easily Showcase the Most Popular Products
Many e-commerce sites make an effort to showcase items that are likely to be of interest to visitors, obviously with the intention of helping visitors to find something that they will buy. A number of sites are using a large area on the homepage that they can use to promote current sales, new product lines, or whatever will generate interest. On these sites, this area will often be updated frequently, or it may include some type of slideshow.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ that Can Easily Promote Related Products
One of the keys to a successful e-commerce store is the promotion of related products that the customer may also be interested in. Sometimes you will see related products listed and shown on item detail pages, and other times you will see suggestions being made after adding an item to your cart. Promoting the right products that buyers are likely to be interested in is key regardless of the approach that is used.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ Placing Effective, Accurate Product Photos
Selling online is different from selling in a physical store because the buyer cannot touch the product or see it in person before making a buying decision (unless they have seen it somewhere else). Providing quality photos that accurately portray the product can help to overcome this challenge and can make the buying decision easier on visitors.

FatWeb Makes The Best E-Commerce Shopping Website NZ Providing Effective Site-Wide Search
Although navigation is critical for making it easy on visitors to find what they want, there is still the need to allow them to search. Some visitors will still have trouble finding a specific product even with good navigation, and with larger e-commerce sites it may often be more feasible to simply do a search than to move through several layers of links. The type of search and the amount of options that should be offered to narrow the search should be based on the size of the site and the items that are available.

And that’s it! We hope that the tips above will help make your online website the perfect go-to page for potential buyers.