Blog – which originally comes from web log – started so people could post their commentaries, graphics, videos etc on the internet without having a website.

Even if you have a website it’s still a good idea to have a blog. Why, you may ask?


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Anything that helps get you on that coveted top spot on page one has to be good for your website – search engines such as Google love active sites – ie sites that are regularly being updated, so updating your blog regularly can help with your SEO.


Search engines, such as Google also love sites that have other websites linked to them. If people are reading your blog regularly and they link into it then that can help your ranking on Google and other search engines.


Blogs are a good way to get your company’s name and products in front of your clients/customers in a more informal, chatty way.

Targeting a specific client base

Your website tends to be general, targeting your entire client/customer base. Blogs are a great way to target specific geographical areas, or smaller niche groups. For example, your business covers all of Auckland, but you want to target Ponsonby – have a blog about what you offer the people of Ponsonby and make sure the word Ponsonby is mentioned several times in the text.

But don’t overdo it. A rule of thumb is don’t use your keywords more than three times per every hundred words of your blog. More than 3% can be seen as keyword stuffing and it can adversely affect your ranking on Google.

For all these reasons it’s a good idea to get blogging.

If you want to have a blog on your website but would rather spend your time doing what your business does best rather than writing blogs then contact the team at FatWeb – writing blogs is among the many things that we do best.